Angler of the Year

Angler of the Year is the opportunity to show off your fishing prowess within the TCAS Club. This annual competition is open to all TCAS members in good standing. The member who catches the largest fish during the year wins all the prize money!


How it Works

Entry Fee: $15 - $10 goes into the total prize money, and $5 goes to the club general fund. Entry fee must be paid before member participates in a TCAS tournament. If a member participates in a tournament prior to paying the entry fee for Angler of the Year any fish caught at that tournament will not be eligible for this prize.

Timeframe: Calendar year, from the first tournament of the year to the last

Eligible Fish: Only fish caught at TCAS sponsored tournaments are eligible for this prize. Fish caught at other tournaments (such as Metro West tournaments) or out on the lake are not eligible.

Jared Krogel

Winner 2017

We meet the first Wednesday night of each month at 7pm.


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